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Thank you so much for stopping by and expressing interest in both my work and myself! :) If I could describe my photography in one word it would be adventure. I try to capture the effortless fun in creativity, like when I was a child. I’m still playing all the same games, creating all the same worlds, except now I’m making them real. I approach my photographs like a painting; I create photographs, not take them. They are a world in which every element is of my own design and careful making. I was the kid who liked to keep everyone entertained with my ideas. Then I grew up, and I was just having way to much fun to stop doing what I loved. I enjoy being able to capture the essence of dreams and adventures in my photography. Photography freezes our moments in time so that we can cherish looking back on them. I think capturing the magical spirit of our childhood dreams with no boundaries or limitations, is just as important as capturing life’s celebrations. I look forward to having my next magical adventure with YOU!

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